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University City High School

Field Hockey

 Our 2017 UCFH teams with our Alumni, Coaches, and Athletic Director

Our 2017 UCFH teams with our Alumni, Coaches, and Athletic Director


We are planning to have summer training (not mandatory)
I'll post here and send out an email once it's finalized

Tryouts start Monday August 6th
plan morning and afternoon practices 3 times a week

Alumni game & BBQ:
Friday, august 10th, 2018


practice times for 2018 TBD


Game Schedule 2017

2018 schedule to be posted by june

Click here to download schedule

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Meet the Teams

 Beach Day 2017

Beach Day 2017


Kelsie Law, Captain
Mia Wiggins, Captain
Nicole Jakiel
Chloe McMann
Sarah Moore
Rachel Patterson
Sarah Pickering
Noa Ron
Ana Velasquez
Catie Bride
Aoife Fitzpatrick
Marla Giordano
Abby Kim
Alli King
Kayli Sandoval
Lauren Stack
Shauna Whitney
Mica Giaconi
Hillary Tang

Shayna Meltzer, Captain
Orlena Morris, Captain
Josielyn Fishell
Josetta Fishell
Hope Concepcion
Sarah Hodgson
Leila Namvar
Haley Rodriguez
Julia Vas Gomes
Delia Braillard
Delilah Correa
Kyra Fonseca
Ava Futo
Emma Podhorsky
Taylor Sullivan
Carolyn Sutton
Olivia Upham
Mieke Van Daelen
Laura Whitmarsh
Kate Wiggins


Varsity 2016 team picture.JPG

UCHS Varsity Team 2016

Bottom Row: Coach Amber Zimmermann, Chloe McMann (1), Sarah Moore (12), Mia Wiggins (2), Cynthia Valadon (8)
Candace Poon (3), Katie Gomez (5), Lillian Goudie (11, GK), Lauren Stack, (16), Bailey Evergin (6), Camille Balagtas (9)
Abby Kim (15), Sarah Pickering (7), Madison Balagtas (14), Analyn Cruz (13), Coach Krista Jackson
Bottom Group: Captains Kelsie Law (4), Aliciá Ayala (17) & Julia Murphy (10)



JV 2016 team pic.JPG

UCHS Junior Varsity Team 2016

Top Row: Coach Amber Zimmermann, Shayna Meltzer (20), Aoife Fitzpatrick (5), Orlena Morris (13), Meredith Olney (14)
Marla Giordano (25), Kayli Sandoval (9), Haley Rodriguez (23), Catie Bride (24), Alli King (GK), Vivian Zhang (19), Shauna Whitney (11)
Hope Denison (6), Rachel Patterson (12), Mica Giaconi (4), Noa Ron (16), Coach Krista Jackson
Middle Row: Hope Concepcion (10), Tanesha Le (3), Andi Tran (1), Hillary Tang (7)
Bottom Row: Captains Nicole Jakiel (17) & Ana Velasquez (15)



UCHS Varsity Team 2015

Top Row: Coach Krista Jackson, Analyn Cruz (13), Cynthia Valadon (14), Kelsie Law (9), Julia Murphy (10), Bailey Evergin (7), Nicole Garcia (19), 

Adara Benz (24), Lillian Goudie (23, GK), Sarah Pickering (1), Aliciá Ayala (25), Candace Poon (3), Katie Gomez (5), Coach Amber Zimmermann

Bottom Row: Alicia Tan (6), Tara Boyer (4), Jennifer Booker (16), Kelly Wheat (8)


UCHS Junior Varsity Team 2015

Top Row: Coach Krista Jackson, Lauren Stack (16), Sara Hagaman (5), Alli King (7, GK), Katie Bride (14), Sol Carlsson (20), Shantal Martinez (4),

Camille Balagtas (9), Abby Kim (8), Shauna Whitney (11), Ana Velasquez (3), Coach Amber Zimmermann

Middle Row: Tanesha Le (17), Andrea Tran (15), Sarah Moore (21), Aoife Fitzpatrick (19), Chloe McMann (10)

Bottom Row: Antonia Le (18), Nicole Jakiel (1), Noa Ron (6), Mia Wiggins (2)