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what are the rules in field hockey?

Click here for a document for USA Field Hockey. I would skip to pages 3, 4, and 7

What do i bring to practices?

For the morning practices: running shoes and water

For the afternoon practices you will also need:
- mouthguard (must have this in order to play)
- cleats (or running shoes if you have not purchased cleats yet)
- shin guards (if you already own them, if not I will show parents which field hockey shin guards to purchase)
- if she has shin guards then she will want tall soccer socks, if not.. do not worry!
- stick (i have some if you do not have one)
- goggles (we can worry about purchasing those once you're on a team, before our first game)

I will have ice water out for the girls, so at least bring a water bottle to refill and sunscreen.

what do i wear to practice?

Players should wear an athletic shirt (tank top or t-shirt) during tryouts. Once teams are selected, all players will receive a team pinnie. It is expected that players have their pinnie for all practices.

Athletic shorts should be worn to all practices. It is required that all shorts or spandex cover the athlete’s glute! I also wear spandex under my shorts when I play, however that is based on player preference.

what do i wear to games?

Players will receive a team uniform. The uniform is a skirt and all players must wear spandex under their shirt that covers their glute. Players must also wear the appropriate color socks— see question below regarding sock color.

what type of stick should i purchase?

Players can borrow sticks from the team throughout the season. If players chose to purchase sticks, I would highly recommend players purchase sticks from a vendor in person. This allows them to try out the stick before purchasing. We have a vendor come to our alumni game on the last day of try-outs week. There will also be a vendor at our UC Tournament in October.

what shin guards do we purchase?

Purchase field hockey shin guards, not soccer shin guards. Soccer shin guards do not cover the entire shin and ankle.
Hard shin guards
Soft shin guards

what color socks do we need for the season?

Away games will be columbia blue socks: example of color from amazon
Home games will be white socks

Do i need to purchase goggles?

Yes, goggles are required for all high school games. Here is an example of the type most players wear.

Do i need to purchase gloves?

Gloves are not required, but I would recommend them. Especially for defenders, but can be useful for all positions. Here’s an example of the one I wear.

Does it cost money to play on the team?

No, we do not collect team dues. We do ask for all players and parents to volunteer at our UC Tournaments. We will send out a donation letter and we function solely on donations. The coach is not aware of who donates and it does not affect the player’s status on the team.